About S/V Ananda

Ananda is now SOLD!


The time has come for me to move on to another adventure. Not sure if it will be on the water or on the land. I will surely miss Ananda. I had a lot of great adventures on her with family and friends over the past 10 years.

I intend to maintain this website for a while longer. Working on it keeps me off the streets and, who knows, someday there may even be an “Ananda II”.

Over the next couple of months I will be moving this website to a new domain name. If you want to stay in touch, please visit my new site and bookmark it for future reference: knotsnplots.com

Fair winds everyone!

Ananda Under Full SailWelcome to the web site for the Sailing Vessel Ananda (S/V Ananda), a 36′ Nauticat built in 1983.

This site has been created for family and friends of Ananda and her crew and for people who love sailing and Nauticats.

You will find many pages that share my experience in sailing and maintaining Ananda. Over the years I have benefitted from the knowledge and experience that other boaters have been kind enough to share with me. This is my modest way of preserving and passing on that information to others.

You will also find pages and blog postings about other activities, trips and interests of mine.

I will continue to add to and enhance the website as time permits.

More About Ananda

Ananda is a Nauticat motorsailer built by Nauticat Yachts Oy, in Riihikoski, Finland.

Specification Detail 
 Year Built 1983, Hull # 69
 Sail Configuration Ketch Rig
 Length Above Waterline 36 Feet
 Engine 90 HP Ford Lehman
 Draft 5 feet 6 inches (approx.)
 Displacement 8 metric tons (~17,600 pounds)
 Ballast 3 metric tons (~6,600 pounds)








About Ananda’s Crew

Wally - GYCWally MacKinnon 
I am a wanna-be adventurer and Ananda is a dream come true for me. I have been sailing for about 20 years—first on other people’s boats and then on for the past 10+ years on our own.
Our first South Indian breakfast at Kadavu My wife Catherine is awesome in her support of my passion & in helping my realize my dreams as an individual and as a family member. Every sailor should be so lucky!


The Meaning of Ananda

Ananda Transom Name
Several people have asked me about the name of our boat. Ananda translates from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, as “ultimate bliss”. My wife Catherine’s passion is yoga. She tells me that the purpose of yoga is to remember and celebrate our true nature, Ananda, which is joy or bliss. The boat truly is a special place of bliss for me :)

Our last boat was called Navasana which refers to “the boat pose” in yoga. We recently learned from an Indian friend that Navasana can also mean “humble or modest abode”, which was fitting for that particular boat because it was quite small.

We put Ananda’s name on the transom in the spring of 2009. When we were ordering the stencil I did not realize that the letters were going to be so large in relation to the space we had available. The name is probably about 50% bigger in size than it should be, but what the heck, people coming up on our stern will be able to figure out who we are pretty quickly.

Plus, in life, it’s important to go for as much bliss as you can have!